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Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson, a seasoned real estate professional, embarked on his real estate journey in 2003, pioneering his career as a Business Developer with the fastest-growing real estate training and coaching company in the country. After contributing to the success of the #1 independent real estate company in Toronto, he ventured into expanding his business in Peterborough and the City of Kawartha Lakes alongside his family.

As a founding member of the Peterborough Business Network, Jeff has played a pivotal role in fostering connections within the local business community. Beyond his professional achievements, Jeff is a devoted family man. His wife, a palliative care nurse at Peterborough Regional Health Centre, reflects their shared commitment to serving the community. Together, they cherish parenthood with a son and daughter, enriching their lives with love, balance, and purpose.

Jeff’s real estate approach is distinguished by his professional prospecting skills and proactive marketing strengths, ensuring that every transaction is executed with precision and efficiency. With a track record spanning nearly two decades, Jeff is dedicated to achieving optimal results for his clients while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

Sherry Wilson

With over three decades in real estate, Sherry Wilson is a seasoned Broker who thrives in diverse market conditions. A Diamond Award-winning, esteemed member of Royal LePage Top Tier and Customer Service of the Year Award recipient from LePage Frank, Sherry brings expertise honed through major development project launches and collaborations with top business leaders. Her world-class attention to detail and family-oriented approach shine through her partnership with son Jeff, making their collaboration a true family team.

Beyond her successful career, Sherry’s passion for people originated from her background as a registered nurse and is further underscored by her resilience as a breast cancer survivor.

In this pivotal moment, entrust your real estate needs to Sherry, an unwavering expert in the field.

Len Dawson

Len Dawson is a dynamic community leader in the City of Kawartha Lakes, renowned for his past presidency at the Lindsay Agricultural Society and over 25 years of dedicated service as a member and director. With a profound understanding of farms, waterfront properties, and new home constructions, Len brings extensive expertise to the realm of real estate. His wealth of experience in development projects, coupled with meticulous attention to detail during home inspections, affords him unparalleled insight when guiding clients through property tours, whether pre-listing or with prospective buyers. Beyond his professional pursuits, Len channels his passions into boating on the Kawartha Lakes, woodworking, and crafting intricate pirate ships for his cherished grandson.

Grant Wice

On-Site Superintendet

Presenting Grant Wice, a seasoned professional boasting 34 years of dedicated experience in supervising residential construction sites. Throughout his illustrious career, Grant has adeptly managed a myriad of projects, demonstrating exceptional proficiency with an annual track record of over 100 closings. Currently stationed at Sturgeon View Estates, Grant takes up residence on-site from Monday to Friday, assuming a pivotal role in overseeing every facet of the construction process. His responsibilities span from engaging with Buyers post-firm purchase to orchestrating personalized home customization, ensuring meticulous attention to detail from project initiation to completion, and delivering unparalleled after-sales service. Grant Wice stands as a paragon of excellence in the realm of residential construction supervision.

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